Happy 3rd Birthday! Introducing “The Steak Bed!”

Happy Birthday to The Oyster Bed! Your Gift:  adding some SIZZLE to your steak with The Steak Bed! Three years ago tonight, The Oyster Bed launched on Kickstarter becoming, at the time, the highest funded Kickstarter Campaign in Louisiana History! Since then, we’ve been really busy growing our… Read More


Today, on the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps, The Oyster Bed would like to honor Marines and ALL VETERANS during this 2016 Veteran’s Day. So many men and women have sacrificed so much for our nation’s people to enjoy… Read More

The Oyster Bed Charbroiled Oysters

With warmer weather setting in, what better way to kick off outdoor parties than with a little grilling? One of our absolute tride-and-true favorites is, of course, an Oyster Bed full of the traditional yummy goodness of charbroiled oysters.  PREP-TIME: 20 minutes… Read More

Defending Our Coast One Oyster Bed at a Time

Out in the water, oysters actually grow together – that’s why they’re called “oyster reefs.” One of our biggest “WHYs” for what we do what we do here at The Oyster Bed is to raise awareness about the importance of conserving oyster shells… Read More

“Panhandle to Pan” Favorite: Baked Oysters with Hot Peppered Collards

In keeping with our love for Chef Irv Miller this week, we thought we’d share one of our favorite oyster recipes from his newest book, Panhandle to Pan. Chef says this is one of his “most talked about and requested oyster recipes”–and we… Read More

An Oyster Bed Treat with Renowned Chef Irv Miller

Recently, we had the utmost pleasure of being served one-of-a-kind dishes at Jackson’s Steakhouse in Pensacola by founding executive chef Irv Miller. What made his absolutely delicious dishes even better? Chef brought them out to us on our very own Oyster Bed! Not… Read More

The Gnarly on Beer + Oysters

Ever wondered which of your favorite brewskies would be most palatable to pair with a fresh serving of oysters? Us too! So we took the opportunity to do a little research, visit a local brewery, and get the best scoop for you! For… Read More

Keeping it Festive for St. Patty’s Day with Oysters Rockefeller

With St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday, we thought it only appropriate to share some of our favorite GREEN oyster dishes with you this week. First on the list, and also included in our downloadable cookbook, a classic favorite: Oysters Rockefeller. These are… Read More

Events Worth Noting: Slow Fish 2016

In the “oyster world” and especially as we are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast, it seems that we are never short of eventful happenings involving seafood. We are SO excited that this weekend an especially notable event will be held for… Read More

Egg-Stuffed Baked Avocados

With it being Lenten Season, we’ve been finding even more innovative new ways to cook on our Oyster Bed. This past Friday we had the family over for grilled fish and decided to get creative with some stuffed avocados as a side…. Read More