An Oyster Bed Treat with Renowned Chef Irv Miller

Recently, we had the utmost pleasure of being served one-of-a-kind dishes at Jackson’s Steakhouse in Pensacola by founding executive chef Irv Miller. What made his absolutely delicious dishes even better? Chef brought them out to us on our very own Oyster Bed!


Not only is Chef Irv Miller a mastermind of flavor in the kitchen, he also has written a new book entitled Panhandle to Pan filled with recipes and stories unique to the Gulf Coast. We’ve whipped up several of the recipes in it at home already and are huge fans. We highly recommend the book as a staple in your own kitchen or as a great gift for anyone you know who loves to get their cook on! You can find the book, here.2016-03-22_0003If you are unfamiliar with Jackson’s Steakhouse in Pensacola, we highly recommend giving it a go next time you’re in the area!

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