Defending Our Coast One Oyster Bed at a Time

Out in the water, oysters actually grow together – that’s why they’re called “oyster reefs.” One of our biggest “WHYs” for what we do what we do here at The Oyster Bed is to raise awareness about the importance of conserving oyster shells so that they can be recycled back into our Gulf waters.  The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) is doing just that right in our  backyard!
When the adult oysters spawn, the baby oysters settle back down on the adult oyster shells – it’s one of their favorite places to grow! The new babies (called spat) like anything that is calcium based. Basically, out in nature, all the oysters “are in it together”–where the older oysters provide a safe haven for new babies that are spawned.  Only about 1% survive of what’s spawned naturally.  They settle on anything calcium based, preferably oyster shells.
SO, with that being said, THIS is one of the biggest “WHYs” behind The Oyster Bed. By buying and serving pre-shucked oysters, you are contributing to the stockpiling of the shells and ensuring that they go back to the fisherman, and ultimately, back into our estuaries.
The Result: more oysters, more reefs, more land.
The photo above is actually a photo of one of TOB’s co-founders, Tommy (pictured middle), along with a couple of his Marines after a USMC Dive Training. 
As we continue to grow, want to share this “product with a purpose” with restaurants and retailers across America so that we can continue to reshape our nation’s tables and coastlines … one Oyster Bed at a time!

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