Happy 3rd Birthday! Introducing “The Steak Bed!”

Happy Birthday to The Oyster Bed!
Your Gift:  adding some SIZZLE to your steak with The Steak Bed!
Three years ago tonight, The Oyster Bed launched on Kickstarter becoming, at the time, the highest funded Kickstarter Campaign in Louisiana History!
Since then, we’ve been really busy growing our family of loyal customers into the thousands AND growing the number of people and organizations who have become fans of our company and its cookware…and this includes CHEFS!
The secret to a juicy steak is letting it rest…on The Steak Bed!
Over the past three years we’ve been blessed with incredible friendships and relationships made in the culinary and coastal conservation industries.  We’ve had the chance to help both of these industries through the use of our products, through donations, and through the use of our time and company as a platform to educate consumers about the value of seafood and our coastal estuaries – two things most Americans love!
While most Americans love seafood, just about ALL Americans LOVE STEAK – so we were really excited when one of our good friends, Chef Brody Olive approached us about creating an entirely new product to help prepare and serve steak in restaurants and at home!
Chef Brody is the Executive Chef of the Perdido Beach Resort and winner of the 3rd annual Alabama Seafood Cook-Off), and he knows how to prepare the PERFECT Steak.  The last part of this process involves serving it on a 500+ degree plate.  There are two purposes for this: 
First, Louisiana native Ruth Fertel (founder of the world-renowned “Ruth’s Chris” steakhouse) pioneered this technique so that her customers could see, smell, and hear the sizzle of their steak and enjoy it hot during the whole dining experience.  The second, and more “technical” reason is that a steak needs time to “rest” for 5-7 minutes before being served – enabling the juices (which migrated to the cooler center during the cooking process) to be redistributed throughout the steak.
An unheated plate allows the steak to cool too much during this resting process.  However, common plates heated to 500+ degrees can’t hold up to this repeated thermal shock and usually break before being used a dozen times.   (Ever wonder why high-end steak houses have to charge so much for those steaks!  You’re paying for the plate too!)
The Steak Bed provides the perfect solution.  It is resilient to 1000 degree heat, stays hot for 20+ minutes, and is designed with a special reservoir for the “au jus sauce” – the actual drippings from the cooking steak!
Finally, just like our Oyster Bed can be used to cook more than oysters, The Steak Bed can be used for preparing much more than just steak!
Coming Soon!
Stay tuned to our FaceBook page for an announcement about the availability of this outstanding product!

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