Today, on the 241st birthday of the United States Marine Corps, The Oyster Bed would like to honor Marines and ALL VETERANS during this 2016 Veteran’s Day.

So many men and women have sacrificed so much for our nation’s people to enjoy freedom and prosperity and often times these patriots have imparted the good will of America on people of good will around the rest of the world.  Sometimes these brave men and women have also had to do battle against those around the world who fight against our country and the principles upon which it was founded.  For those warriors who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against evil, we are eternally grateful.


Since photos are worth much more than words, we’re sharing just a few of Oyster Bed Co-Founder Tommy Waller during some of his many deployments around the world, which spanned Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and Central America.


We hope this gives The Oyster Bed’s customers and friends  just a small taste of some of the ground covered prior to the birth of this great small business.  We hope and pray that the Lord grants us many more miles to cover with The Oyster Bed, many miles of coastlines protected by an ever increasing number of recycled oyster shells, and many more brave men and women who will volunteer their services in the defense of this great nation.

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