Events Worth Noting: Slow Fish 2016

In the “oyster world” and especially as we are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast, it seems that we are never short of eventful happenings involving seafood. We are SO excited that this weekend an especially notable event will be held for the first time ever in New Orleans.

Slow Fish is a Slow Food event that is an international gathering of fishers, scientists, chefs, students and food artisans to address the many environmental, ecological, economic and political challenges that impact fisheries, habitats, oceans, sustainable fishers and cultural seafood systems. Slow Fish has been held every two years in Genoa, Italy. Slow Fish 2016 in New Orleans will be the first time the event will be held in the western hemisphere.983f256a2f19fc7da86ffce35109850e(Image from the Slow Fish 2016 website)

The event will take place March 10th-13th at the Old U.S. Mint in New Orleans and will host TONS of fabulous local and visiting chefs, along with copious amounts of great food, forums, and entertainment. One of the main topics discussed at the event will be coastal erosion. As you may know, this a HUGE why of our own mission statement hear at The Oyster Bed, so we are extremely passionate about the gathering of great minds to discuss this at Slow Fish 2016. We can’t wait to hear how these great minds will come together to discuss oyster shell recycling and supporting sustainable Gulf Seafood. If you’re looking for something to fill your belly and mind with this weekend, this is a great event to check out!

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